Last week, we had the honor and privilege of a visit from my mom, dad, and sister.  We were so blessed by their time here!  We all had tons of fun on safari and at the pool (blog post coming soon), but the most special time for me was the day we spent at a.k.a. HOPE.

We invited all the students and teachers back to school during the break.  The day started out with preparation for each of the activities we had planned, while the teachers worked on cooking the food. Thanks to Nick’s mom and dad for funding the lunch for the school children!  Then came introductions and lots of singing by all of us! 

My mom brought suitcases full of books donated by teachers and librarians from all over!  Thank you to the Nebraska Library Association!  We laid out the books on a big table and let the kids enjoy reading, which they did for a very long time!  It is wonderful to have new books- we are all so grateful!  Mom also told a story to the children and had them join in!  So much fun!

Stacia and Dad set up a health assessment area.  First, Dad checked the students and teachers in, getting each patient's name, age, pulse, and temperature.  Then they received medical testing and met with the local health counselor.  Next they saw Stacia for a physical examination.  There were a handful of kids who needed immediate medical attention, which we were able to implement that very day!  Thank you to the Brandenburg and Peters families for donating funds for the medical supplies!  

After the check-ups, we had play time with new soccer balls donated by some friends at New Life Church in Kearney, Nebraska!  We were also blessed with new craft supplies, stickers, and balloons donated by Nick’s parents.  What a great time we all had! 

At the end of the long productive day, we all sat down and enjoyed our lunch of posho, rice, and beans.  Before the students went home, we distributed the very special gift bags for each child.  The boys received shorts and t-shirts, and the girls each got a new dress and matching doll.  Thank you to the Celebration Church Quilting Ministry for these hand-made gifts!  Friends from our churches in Hays and Kearney donated socks, underwear, and toys for each child as well, which were very joyfully received!  

Walking around our school, watching all this going on, I was touched by the beauty of serving with my family here in Uganda.  It was so sweet seeing my husband, children, parents, and sister all caring for the least of these- the precious children I have come to love.  I was overwhelmed with joy and peace!  I also thought of all the people who had contributed to this special day!  All the donations, letters, and prayers made it a success.  (At one point, we thought all the luggage was gone forever.  But LOTS of prayers later, they were finally delivered to the hotel just in time for us to sort for the distribution day!)

I thank God for each person who sacrificed for these children.  We are grateful for your generosity and support of this mission.  The children felt your love in person, and from across the globe.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!     

1/10/2014 11:08:46 pm

So beautifully written, Sarah and Nick! It was a honor and privilege to serve with you for this time, and I'm so proud of you for giving of yourselves to these precious children!

1/11/2014 01:24:20 am

I loved hearing about the amazing time you all had together--so sweet and incredible to imagine, as I was reading, you all putting your various skills and strengths together to serve as a family, the sweetest part of all. :-). I'm going to need a Kleenex!


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