Well, I (Sarah) have been having some crazy dreams lately.  I must be feeling pretty unprepared and nervous because, in the last month, I have had the “First day of school, can’t find my class, big test” dream at least 5 times.  Such panic and worry!  People, if I look like I have it all together, I do not!  Yes, God has given me a peace and assurance about this upcoming change.  But my human heart is jumping out of my chest. 

And then there are the dreams where I physically wrestle with wild animals.  There was a huge yellow snake that I made into a lasso and whipped across a hotel lobby- I saved my children in that dream!  And I was brave enough to slice a guy’s face in my dream a few nights ago.  Knife violence is my biggest fear (up until moving to Uganda), so this was a pretty big breakthrough in dreamland. So, while sugarplums dance in my children's heads, I am fighting snakes and lions and scary guys for them.  I always win.

I am hoping my winning streak means that God is preparing me to have confidence in the midst of trials.  He is getting me ready to face some of my biggest fears. I hope I pass the test!  (and find the right classroom…)

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