I cannot express how much we appreciate each one of you who has blessed us with your emotional, spiritual, and financial gifts.  Each hug, prayer, word of encouragement, hand shake, note, and smile mean so much to our family.  So, THANK YOU!  
Thank you, precious family members who have been praying and standing behind us throughout this whole journey!  Thank you, dear friends who didn't call us crazy the night we told you we felt like God had put Uganda on our hearts.  Thank you to the generous person who anonymously donated funds through our church! Thank you, church family for helping send Nick on his week-long trip, and for making it clear that you are behind us one hundred percent.  Thank you to the elderly couple in the check-out line who helped pay for the pencils, pens, and toys for the Naguru children.  With no fundraising effort on our part, God is using people to provide!  Thank you, fellow teacher, who provided books!  Thank you, sweet boys, who gifted their toy cars and sunglasses to children who don't have any.  We are thankful for each penny, each kind look, each prayer lifted up.  Thank you for believing in us, and for trusting us.  Thank you for being a part of God's perfect plan!
Well, I (Sarah) have been having some crazy dreams lately.  I must be feeling pretty unprepared and nervous because, in the last month, I have had the “First day of school, can’t find my class, big test” dream at least 5 times.  Such panic and worry!  People, if I look like I have it all together, I do not!  Yes, God has given me a peace and assurance about this upcoming change.  But my human heart is jumping out of my chest. 

And then there are the dreams where I physically wrestle with wild animals.  There was a huge yellow snake that I made into a lasso and whipped across a hotel lobby- I saved my children in that dream!  And I was brave enough to slice a guy’s face in my dream a few nights ago.  Knife violence is my biggest fear (up until moving to Uganda), so this was a pretty big breakthrough in dreamland. So, while sugarplums dance in my children's heads, I am fighting snakes and lions and scary guys for them.  I always win.

I am hoping my winning streak means that God is preparing me to have confidence in the midst of trials.  He is getting me ready to face some of my biggest fears. I hope I pass the test!  (and find the right classroom…)