Be nice. Read your Bible.  Make a cute, happy life for your kids.  I (Sarah) often behave like this is all that is required of us.  I sometimes wish it were true.  But I believe we are called to so much more.  “Lay down your life.”  “Heal the sick.”  “Feed those who are hungry.”  “Take care of orphans and widows.”  “Go all over the world and tell others about Christ.”  Me?  I don’t know how to do those things!  Besides, I am so busy with my 2 little kids at home, that I am not able to go anywhere!    
I know it will be difficult.  Not difficult like taking a hard test, or like staying up all night with a sick baby… but difficult like weeping in desperation, totally changing my perspective,  ripping away everything.  But I know that it will bring me closer to Jesus.  (It already has, and I haven’t even done anything yet!)  And isn’t that so much better than having all my stuff?  And my job?  And my house?  And my extended family close by?  (Can you tell I’m still trying to convince myself?)  
But guess what:  We aren’t the only ones who have done this.  Man, there are hundreds and thousands of folks who have not only given a year to share the Love of Christ, but have given their entire lives.  Husbands who never came home to their families.  Children who grew up never knowing their grandparents.  Mothers who gave birth to their precious babies in treacherous conditions… because God has an eternal perspective.  Believe it or not, this life is not all about our kids!  (Again, I so wish it were, because I often live this way and feel this way!)  And all He’s asking us to do is give up a year?!  
The Lord of the universe has blessed us with a nice home, cars, food, healthy babies, whole bodies, and mounds and mounds of stuff- and all He wants is for us to give up 1 year to serve Him. I don’t know why He blessed Nick and me with the perfect childhoods.  I don’t know why He somehow makes sure we have money left over in our budget each month.  I don’t know why He gave us these adorable, joyful, brilliant children!  
But I just don’t think it is so we can hang out in our house and smile.  I don’t think it is so we can give each other a kiss goodnight and say “Good job, Honey, we nailed the American Dream.” There has to be more. But what all does that entail? I guess that’s what we are about to find out. 

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