Up until now, all my (Sarah’s) posts have focused on my fears, reservations, and obedience.  I think that is because I wanted to make sure you all understood that this Uganda thing is not some extreme vacation or spontaneous adventure.  And I do not want to downplay the risks and concerns about moving my family to sub-Saharan Africa.  I do, however, want to glorify God by expressing my joy, peace, hope, and passion about this mission!

What an honor and a blessing to be used by the God of the universe!  How cool is this?!   I actually get to be His hands and feet. (That is pretty cliché and churchy, sorry about that!)  But the Bible tells us that when we accept Christ, we become part of one body doing His work.  This classic Christian catch phrase is becoming real to me, finally, after 28 years of thinking I had it figured out.  I want to reach out and literally touch those who need Jesus, who need food, who need love.  By saying I am His hands and feet, I am not patting myself on the back; I am proclaiming my goal and expressing my passion!  What an honor!  What a joy!

I can not believe we are doing this!  We are going to see parts of the world I never dreamed of seeing.   We will experience sights, tastes, smells, and views I never thought possible.  We will learn from new people.  We are actually going to spend time with the darling kiddos from the blogs and videos!  I can’t get enough of those precious little faces. I am so excited to look into their strikingly beautiful eyes and let them know that they are loved.  Loved by me, loved by the King.    

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