March 23, 2013
About a month ago, I (Sarah) promised myself I would not worry or stress or ask any more questions about moving to Uganda until Nick got back from his Spring Break visit.  I knew that a lot of my questions would be answered, and that we would either have a whole new realm of concerns, or that some of them would be alleviated. Well, he is coming home tomorrow….
And I was right!  Many of our concerns are gone, simply because we have more knowledge.  I got to speak with him a couple times, got some texts, and saw lots of pictures this week.  The first thing he said to me was “You’d better start packing!”  He is so full of joy and passion for God and what He is doing in Uganda.  I hope I never forget the image of my darling husband’s face surrounded by little black faces with big smiling white teeth.  I am so thankful l for that skype date with our two little blonde babies blowing kisses and high-fiveing through the computer to Daddy and “Uganda kids.”  
But now comes the part where we have to work.  The decision is made.  God is moving.  He has made it clear- praise the Lord!  It is time for the details-- renting out the house, selling the car, deciding what to pack, what to sell, what to toss, and figuring out the finances of this whole shebang. 
Big Breath.  
Hee Hee Hoo.  
We can do this.  We are good at details. If our Heavenly Father can orchestrate the Who and the What and the When and the Where and the Why of this project, I’m sure He can handle the How. 

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