Hello, World! That has more than one meaning for our family at this time. 
Hello to the blogging world, but more importantly (and the reason to enter the
blogging world) hello to the global, foreign, overseas world.  Hello to Africa:
Uganda specifically.  Hello to missions.  Hello. 'Pleased to meet you.  

My wife and I have been devoting serious prayer, consideration, and thought
to something different; something huge.  It is out of our comfort zone, and it
doesn't line up with the way that we typically operate.  But, we will be
obedient to God, no matter what He asks of us.  

A couple that we are acquainted with is starting a boarding school for
impoverished kids who need a place to live.  We want to help them start, build
and run the school for a period of time... about a year.  The part that is
hard to swallow is that the kids (and the school) are in Uganda.  Right - as in,

So - this means that we will try to rent out our Kansas house, take
leaves of absence from (if allowed, otherwise quit) our jobs, and rent a small
house in Fort Portal, Uganda.  Construction of the school is scheduled for
mid-summer 2012 (July-ish).  I plan to take an exploratory trip in the spring,
to scope out the project and the area, gaining clarity in preparation for
bringing my family of four to Africa, including living arrangements, prices,
safety, health care, etc.

We don't know exactly what is going to happen, but we are following God
(apparently to Uganda). 

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