Today was the first day of school in our new location!  It's been difficult waiting for the past few weeks as the future of the school was up in the air.  We did a lot of praying, hoping, crying, talking, worrying, and more praying.  
Surprise! Surprise! God's plan turned out to be awesome!  The new building is much larger, and has electricity, water, and storage.  The children love playing football (soccer) and jumping rope in the big grassy field!  What a blessing and a privilege it is to be here!
Today with our P1 class, Nick reviewed colors, letters, and sight words, while I did some one-on-one assessment.  It is so nice to have the space to do two different activities!  We also took some time to break out the new colored pencils and draw pictures of "Our New School!"  We all enjoyed hearing "Jonah and the Big Fish," a favorite with our 5-7 year olds!  The kids are so proud and excited to have a nice place to learn each day.    
Thank you for praying and hoping with us!  Enjoy these pictures of our beautiful first day back to school:
Sheila Eiden
10/5/2013 01:55:32 pm

Sarah - love your dress! The school looks amazing and so spacious! What a wonderful blessing for the children!

Tom Albers
10/8/2013 07:04:48 am

Hey Nick and Sarah,
Just wanted to say congrats on the new school. Hope all is going well, and I enjoy the pictures and history of your trip. We'll continue to pray for your health, success and journey that you are on. It won't be long and we'll be talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Stay safe and be strong!


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