We're so proud of our little Andy.  What a blessing he is!  And it is also very nice to have a child old enough to sleep through the night, wash his own hands, and sometimes put his shoes on without help!  We all enjoyed this birthday so much because he understands his special day and is proud to be three!  
It is a privilege to have my birthday on the day before my son's.  He even took me out on a date to the cultural show tonight!  We came home early, though, when we found out that staying up past bedtime and drinking soda (a very rare treat) do not work well for his tummy.  We both had to have a change of clothes because of a little throw-up incident.  But we enjoyed the Ugandan singing and dancing!

Birthdays usually involve lots of family and old friends.  There were a few sniffles here and there (only by me) as we opened up e-cards from far-away grandparents, but mostly laughs and smiles. 
Even though we missed seeing our dear family and old friends on our 2013 birthdays, we really did have a very nice weekend.  God has brought some new friends into our lives (through Freedom Church), who we cherish already!  John, Lisa, and Caleb are so sweet and a lot of fun!  We have enjoyed getting to know them in the past few weeks, and had a great time celebrating with them this year!   
Andrew got a new drum for his birthday! He's a natural.
Balloon fun with the neighbor kids.
Great beginning to our date- a kiss from my handsome guy!
Ndere Cultural Center
Good News! 
a.k.a. HOPE, has a new blog site:
and video:
It is an honor to work with such loving people through this God-driven organization! 
In our circle of American friends in Uganda, there is a phrase that is often used in effort to lighten the mood of a rough day or frustrating experience:  TIA- This Is Africa.  It reminds us that things are different here, and there is just no sense in expecting routines and details to work as they do in the US.  
The first month or so we were here, I didn't have the camera out much.  I was just taking it all in.  But lately, I've been wanting to share some of the things that make Africa unique! Keep in mind that these sights are completely normal here- we see them nearly every day.  I am amazed at the beauty, strength, and resourcefulness of these precious people!  So, please enjoy this little drive-by tour of Kampala! (Click on the photos to enlarge and see captions.)