Well, here we are!  This is what's been going on so far since setting foot on Ugandan soil a few days ago:

-rode in a safari van, with our many suitcases, to Courtney’s lovely apartment

-visited the “shops” (wooden/metal shacks with a few shelves of stuff, with gorgeous fresh fruit and veggies out front) to pick up pineapples, mangos, tomatoes, onions, peppers, watermelon, and freshly grilled chapattis!

-hand-washed clothes, towels, and dishes many many times (no washing machines or dishwashers here, folks!)  I’m actually enjoying the slower pace of life though

-discovered that this place uses rainwater in the faucets (which is much more healthy than well-water, and is usable for washing and cooking, but we still use bottled for drinking)

-took my first boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) ride to a tiny secret printing shop to buy paper for bead-making (visit kwagalaproject.org for more info on that endeavor)

-visited the Victorious Vocational School to see the women who are sewing iPad and laptop covers to raise money for the akaHOPE kids!  So good to see these projects in motion!  People helping people and getting some stuff done!  (https://www.facebook.com/akaHOPEinc?fref=ts or akaHOPE.org)

-learned how to use a mosquito net- it’s harder than you think!

struggled to get the kids to bed because of the VERY LOUD church praising God late into the night. These people really know how to worship! “Drums, Daddy, drums!  I hear them!” 

-heard a beautiful testimony from a former prostitute and AIDS victim.  It’s been 12 years since Jesus healed her, and she still tells EVERYONE she meets!  Glorious demonstration of faith!

-enjoyed the beautiful weather here!  I’m sorry to tell you, Kansans, it is cooler here than there! High of 80 is just about right for me! 

-met Teacher Clare, a fabulous, loving woman, and a wonderful teacher! I think we’re going to get along great!

-met and introduced our children to the akaHOPE kids of Naguru!  We learned some super-fun new games and songs.  Bethany LOVED the singing and dancing!   Andy was pretty overwhelmed by all the hugs.  What an amazing group of precious little ones.  I can’t wait to see them again on Sunday for church!