Friends and family have been asking what our days are like here.  A little while back, I recorded our goings-on, and here it is!  Some days we have other evening activities such as Literacy Class at Kwagala (, and Nick often has meetings with Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (, but this is a typical school day for us!

6:30- get up, breakfast- toast, bananas, yogurt, coffee for the parents (and ACE wanted some noodles and beans from last night)

7:00- get ready for school, put away dry dishes, check the laundry on the line- still wet

8:00- drive to school in Naguru, teach P1 class- Letter J, Tens and Ones, Shapes, Jonah 
(Nick stays home with A and B.)

These are some of the kids from our class: Udda, Nakalembe, Aisha, Medi, Mawejje, Yashire, Praise, Shadia, and Maamu.
12:00- Chris and Courtney arrive at school- Games and Singing Time! 

2:00- arrive home from school, eat lunch- leftovers from what Nick cooked earlier-scrambled eggs, beans, and corn- yum!

3:00- family super market trip for a scrub brush, pasta, yogurt, water, and to talk to the internet provider about our plan

4:00- nap for Bethany, prep for supper- peel and soak matooke, boil tomatoes, chop onions and garlic

4:30- write this blog post, play with Andy, watch Frank the grounds-keeper chase the chickens

5:00- FaceTime with family 

5:30- finish preparing supper- peel tomatoes, cook veggies for sauce, mash matooke

This is the start to most of our meals-- fresh tomatoes, carrots, onions, and peppers.
6:30- family walk/hike, find cool rock formation, visit with neighbors
7:30- arrive home, clean-up from supper, playtime, yogurt and crackers for the kids

ACE's vacuum fascination is back in full swing, thanks to my anniversary gift! (Yes, those are Christmas pajamas...his choice.)
8:00- bedtime for Bethany, Bible Time with Andy

8:30- bedtime for Andy, Bible and prayer journal- Psalms 24-25, Numbers 15

9:15- watch Food Network Star online, start a basin of laundry soaking in soapy water

9:45- check email, mess around on Facebook, get ready for bed

10:00- bedtime for Mom and Dad

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